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Manufacture Programming and Configuration Tool

Accudyne outsourced this project to First Option Software to enable them to concentrate on their specialism, the engineering of the project, and overall achieve delivery of their project more efficiently.

Accudyne had been commissioned to develop the 4th generation of a multiple module, automated manufacturing system for a global aerospace company.

With such a large project and tight timescales Accudyne chose to outsource the development of a software tool to manage the programming and configuration of the manufacturing modules.  With the manufacturing modules controlled by XML programs that set out the detail of the ordering of operations and activities, the tool enables them to simplify the task of updating module programs, to reduce errors and manage change control.

With Accudyne having agreed a detailed requirements specification and specific standards for the development with their customer, First Option had to ensure all aspects of the software were developed to a high level of finish.

Developed as a thick client Windows application, with an intuitive user interface it makes it easy for manufacturing staff to build operation programs without the need to understand the subtleties and hazards of writing XML.  Find/replace and program comparison features combined with the ability to drag and drop components enable staff to easily understand complex programs, identify what’s changed and manage change control.

A simulation tool enables the user to step through each of the operations and activities of the manufacturing process as a means to verify the steps and understand the timings.

A built-in release mechanism ensures revisions are documented under strict release control.

Accudyne used our team augmentation services to deliver a quality solution to their clients on time. How could your business benefit from outsourced development?

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