Here at First Option we have been developing a new app – so simple that it
makes you wonder why nobody else has done it! For the past year we have been
busy writing and refining YourMapp.

Imagine you are in a shopping mall and need to find your way to WH Smith.
You currently have the choice of finding an information centre or ‘you are
here’  map (that could take a while in itself) or perhaps you have a paper
foldout map which is probably out of date. Or you are in a theme park and
want to investigate what rides are on offer, if there are height
restrictions (eg for small kids) or need to check the opening hours.

Or you have just joined a new company and need to find your way around their

Maybe you are lucky enough to be skiing in the alps and want to find the
easiest route back to your resort without going off piste or getting into
difficulties – perhaps stopping for some lunch or a welcome hot chocolate on
the way?

All these things are possible with YourMapp, a new, unique interactive
mapping platform.   Available for web and mobile, it provides a neat and
incredibly simple way for you to publish your maps and content with ease,
making information more accessible to your audience.  Indeed, simplicity is
at the core of YourMapp – upload your maps and drop pins or draw hotspots to
link through to further maps and related content, all from an easy-to-use
online portal.

The web version – an interactive map – is easily dropped in to your website
adding a new, exciting dynamic feature to your site. No more downloadable
PDF maps.

The mobile version enables you to have your very own native iOS and Android
apps for a fraction of the cost of a bespoke, commissioned one.

As you can map literally anything, YourMapp is suited to a huge variety of
environments:  colleges, offices, shopping centres, business parks,
hospitals, museums, holiday and theme parks are just a few of the
possibilities-  and there are plenty more.

As we nearly all carry a smartphone now, it’s the most obvious way of
finding your way around, and it is entirely adaptable to virtually any
situation, permanent or temporary (ever visited an Open Evening at a sixth
form college and wasted the entire evening getting lost in obscure

If you’ve got your own ideas, why not give them a try with the FREE ‘Getting
Started’ Web version?