#FirstThing at First Option – Wednesday 26th February

We are now well into the new year – in fact very nearly into February at time of writing – so we now turn our attention to the next #FirstThing event at Signal House.

Xmas QuizIn December we enjoyed a friendly, interactive, Christmas quiz with a relatively small, but very friendly bunch of friends and colleagues over a welcoming plateful of pastries and hot coffee. Apart from our internet connection giving us a bit of a headache, all went reasonably smoothly and prizes were distributed (including a bottle of Champagne) to lucky winners.

On a slightly more serious note, the upcoming #FirstThing is about gaming technology and how it might be used in a serious, military, environment. Alresford resident and ex Royal Naval Weapons Engineering Officer, Jonathan Read, will lead an interactive demonstration of Games for Training utilising cutting edge technology, based on gaming software, to create realistic battlefield simulations for the military environment. The demonstration will illustrate how using games technology keeps trainees engaged, enthused and willing to come back for more.

JonReadUsing a combination of his experience in managing complex systems and communicating difficult technical issues to non-technical audiences, Jonathan will demonstrate the power of Bohemia Interactive’s VBS3 (Virtual BattleSpace) software and why advanced simulation technology is taking the military by storm by providing low/no-risk training to military organisations across the globe.

A handful of guests will be invited to take part in a hands-on training scenario (no danger to life or limb involved!) – all from the safety of our events room here at Signal House. The live demonstration will pit two teams against each other in a simple ‘race to the finish’ challenge, and aims to develop teamwork, planning and communication skills whilst showing off how off-the-shelf gaming technology can be used for serious business aims.

The latest in our popular series of #FirstThing breakfast events, this workshop session is already proving popular, so don’t delay in booking your place. No military training or aggressive behaviour therapy required – this is an informal and lighthearted snapshot at a very serious subject. With the normal free breakfast and opportunity to network thrown in, of course.

8.00am – 10.00am, Wednesday 26th February at Signal House, Jacklyns Lane, Alresford SO24 0QA

Spaces are limited so register now to reserve your space.