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Mobile has transformed businesses and added a new found agility that can’t be achieved by other means. With so many platforms, versions, security and deployment issues to think about, all in a constantly evolving market, it is important to make the right choice before you dive in. With our broad experience and knowledge of the market we’ll happily guide you down the right path for your business.

How could a mobile app streamline and add value to your business?

"I’m looking for a native app mobile app"

Go native

Native apps enable you to access the full capability of the device, including camera, GPS, accelerometer etc and sometimes, most significantly, will work without any network connection.  Because all of the code for native apps is installed on the device they can also provide the best performance and user experience.  Security, deployment and update strategies need careful consideration early on, as well as your target platforms, since native apps typically have additional design and development overhead for each platform that is to be supported.

Understanding the different nuances of each platforms is a bit of a minefield, but we’ll happily guide you through the choices.

"I’m looking for a web app mobile app"

Much more than a website

Web apps are developed using the latest HTML techniques to deliver native app-like user experience.  The web app is deployed to a central web server, easing update and deployment management, but does mean the device must have a network connection for it to work.  Being developed in HTML means they are easily made compatible with all platforms making them the most efficient approach for cross-platform development.  However, web apps are restricted to the capabilities of HTML and therefore detailed device control can be limited.   Its certainly worth considering whether your app requirements can be achieved by a web app and with HTML capability increasing all the time, we’ll happily advise whether a web app is possible for your scenario.

"I’m looking for a hybrid app mobile app"

Best of both

A hybrid app is a combination of a native app that also incorporates web app features.  This can be beneficial if there are specific features of your app that require native capability but equally some features that can be delivered by embedding a mobile Web App.  A well designed hybrid app will mean the user will be unaware of this implementation approach.

"for smartphones ."

Power to your pocket

It’s highly likely that virtually 100% of your audience will carry a mobile phone and a well designed mobile app will enable you to make them more efficient, increase their loyalty, improve communication as well as the potential of providing a host of other benefits to both you and the user.  Simplicity, focus and style is key to acceptance, which is why a combination of experience, technical know how and graphic design capability are all crucial in designing apps for mobile phones.

"for tablets ."

Like a phone, but bigger

The larger screen sizes of tablet devices provide the capacity to give your users access to much more information and functionality.  Like mobile phones, tablet proliferation of your audience is likely to be very high and providing a tablet app will give them more flexibility in the way they interact or work with you.  With users having access to onscreen keyboards, or many users using a Bluetooth attached keyboard, tablet targeted apps can be designed to provide more functionality with higher levels of user input than phone targeted apps.

"for any device ."

The ultimate in flexibility

Making apps available across all sizes of devices provide users with the ultimate flexibility.  To avoid costs running away it is worth considering different approaches to how you best achieve this.  We’ll help guide you through the maze of thinking needed.

4 ways we keep you ahead.

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    A mobile app gets you the information whenever and wherever you are.

  2. Helping you choose the technology

    Mobiles, tablets, laptops - we’ll help you determine the best approach.

  3. Giving you the edge

    A top quality app for your customers will set you apart from the competition.

  4. Pushing
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    We know the technology capabilities so can push their use to the edge.

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