Well, quite a lot actually – we use names to describe ourselves, to interpret the world around us and identify people, products, brands or organisations. Names, like advertising slogans or catchphrases, have become vitally important to us, especially in the digital age. When Googling (it’s official, it is now a real verb), we invariably search for a real name, albeit a generic or geographical one. We don’t search for ‘Hairdressers’, we search for “Hairdressers Portsmouth” or by the name of the hairdresser we have been recommended.

B&Q’s URL is no mistake – www.diy.com – it was a smart and deliberate move to catch a load of generic searches that might have ended up directing potential customers to the opposition. And, whilst lawyers and local governments still prefer to use indecipherable gobbledegook, most of us have adopted the more pragmatic, ‘plain English’ approach to our everyday life. We like, to quote that famous Ronseal ad, something that “does exactly what it says on the tin”.

At First Option Solutions we have been pondering long and hard about our name, one that in some respects says it all but in others tells no-one what we actually do. Changing a company name is fraught with danger and complexities, so many people don’t bother – they also don’t want to lose that familiarity by which they are known. When the Royal Mail attempted to rebadge itself as Consignia, it was not well received and Aviva still retains its old Norwich Union logo and colour palette to this day.

So it was with some careful consideration that we decided on launching an evolutionary, rather than revolutionary, change of name to replace the word Solutions to Software. After all, software is what we do and what we are known for. So to us, the logo, the branding, the identity, is still very much intact – even the initials, FOS, by which we are known to friends, family and staff are still the same.

You will notice a distinct change in the website which now explains, in simple but comprehensive terms, what we do, how we do it and who we do it for. We hope that the new site will become a frequently visited area for news, views, information and interactivity with our clients and colleagues. Another subtle, but important change is the use of our alternative URL www.bespokesoftware.com – it really doesn’t need a lot of explanation. It’s what we do.

Welcome to First Option Software – new name, same great solutions.