Project rescue

If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur. It’s well advertised that a large proportion of IT projects fail, yet we have a 100% success record. See how we can help turn things around.

There can be lots of reasons why a software project needs rescuing.  Having worked on many project rescues or system takeovers you might be familiar with one or more of the following scenarios we’ve seen before:

  • The in-house developer that created the system is leaving/has left
  • Your offshore developer is difficult to communicate with and doesn’t understand your requirements
  • Your development company is delivering poor quality code
  • Your development company has gone bust or is making unreasonable demands
  • Your development company seems to be unable to finish the software or has lost interest
  • The software is no longer fit for purpose
  • The dependent technologies or source code is no longer supported/available

We’ll get our hands dirty

Whether your system has reams of documentation or none (the more likely) we have years of experience of taking on existing software projects.  Of course the more information the better, but we appreciate that sometimes this just isn’t the case. We’re happy to get our hands dirty and we’ll give you an honest assessment of the best way forward.

We despair at how our industry has a reputation for project failures. We take pride in our successful delivery of software projects and will do all we can to help make your project a success too.

Most developers run a mile from picking up someone else’s source code, but we recognise that writing off a whole load of code is unlikely to make business sense.  We’ve been taking on other people’s project code of all shapes, sizes and technologies for twenty years, so we can help you avoid wasting your project investment.

Projects can run behind for all sorts of reasons, some of them might be quite reasonable, but others might indicate its going wrong.

With no axe to grind, and a pure focus on meeting your timescales we’ll happily provide you with an independent, pragmatic view as to how to best get your project back on track. This might be as simple as adding some additional resource to your existing project team or it might need a more strategic or tactical review.

Let’s chat about it

When it comes to project rescue, there’s plenty to talk about. Give us a call and we can discuss your needs, arrange to meet and help to move your project forward.