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Mobile app development

Mobile has transformed businesses and added a new found agility that can’t be achieved by other means. With so many platforms, versions, security and deployment issues to think about, all in a constantly evolving market, it is important to make the right choice before you dive in.

Let’s talk mobile apps

A business minded mobile app developer

Our team of strategists, app designers and mobile app developers will apply their broad experience and knowledge to guide you down the right path for your business.

Unlike other mobile app developers, every app we create is bespoke, with an emphasis on how the mobile app will perform for your business. Here’s how we can help create the best app for your business.

Start building your bespoke mobile app

Mobile app strategy

Whether you need an internal mobile app for your employees, a customer mobile app or want to build an app to sell, our mobile app strategists will listen and learn, while applying honest business thinking to your project.

Mobile app design

A mobile app designer will be involved throughout the development of your mobile app. They’ll work closely with you to produce app design concepts, wireframes, prototypes and UI designs that fit your exact business needs.

Mobile app development

Our experienced mobile app developers will bring your mobile app to life using the right technology for your needs. From native apps for Android or iOS to cross-platform or hybrid technologies, we’ll help you build the bespoke business app your company needs.

Mobile app testing

With complex functionality across a wide variety of mobile devices, thorough testing is essential when building a bespoke mobile app. From usability testing, to security and device compatibility testing, our in-house software testers will ensure that we’ll deliver a quality mobile app that is fit for your needs.

Mobile app analytics

Your bespoke mobile app project doesn’t end at delivery. In order to monitor, assess and improve your mobile app, we can advise on suitable analytics to allow you to measure app usage and measure your app’s performance.

Our most common types of mobile application

While these are the most common types of mobile application software we develop for businesses, if you have a specific language or technology you need us to work with, that’s no problem!

It starts with a conversation, just give us a call or drop us an email. Our mobile strategists, app designers and mobile app developers are located at our offices in Hampshire, UK, so we’re more than happy to welcome you to our offices.

Tell us about your mobile app project

iOS App Development

iPhones and iPads are a popular choice for businesses and consumers alike. Be it Apple’s enterprise store or the App Store, we’ve been building iOS apps for almost as long as the iPhone has been around!

Android app development

With the world’s largest market share, coupled with a wider choice of devices, Android is an obvious choice for mobile apps. Our experienced Android developers build consumer apps, business apps and even kiosk-mode apps for integrated Android hardware.

Cross-platform app development

In many cases, the pros and cons of Android vs iOS weigh to the conclusion that an app needs to work on both platforms. We work with cross-platform solutions such Cordova to provide a consistent user experience across operating systems, with the benefit of a single code-base.

Hybrid / Web apps

Largely considered a type of cross-platform app, hybrid apps combine native and web technologies to deliver a consistent user experience, while keeping the native functions which provide the core app functions such as push notifications or offline storage.

Responsive web design

Should you have an app or a responsive website? We’ll work with you to review the functionality you need, how your mobile app fits into your business flow and the user experience to help you decide which approach is best for you and your business.

Mobile app development cost

How much does it cost to develop a custom mobile app? It all depends on the complexity and quantity of functions you want your mobile app to perform.  Here’s a guide to the cost of bespoke mobile app development.

Speak to us about app costings



£15k – £30k

Typically a number of simple features

A read-only bespoke customer portal app for mobile access to an existing system



£30k – £75k

Typically a mix of simple and medium level features

A business productivity mobile app for timekeeping and task management




Any combination of features, including complex. Typically including complex workflows, secure access and system integrations.

A secure mobile workforce management application with system integration


  • A single platform (iOS or Android)
  • Personalisation
  • Animations
  • Social media integration
  • System integration
  • Stand-alone


  • Multiple platforms (iOS and Android)
  • Device hardware integration (Camera, GPS, Bluetooth)
  • Complex layouts
  • Push notifications
  • Central data management
  • User management and authentication
  • Auditing
  • Data synchronisation


  • In-app purchasing
  • Two factor authentication
  • Performance optimisation
  • Infographics
  • Content management
  • Niche data processing
  • Complex workflows

What affects the cost of developing a bespoke mobile app?

The cost of developing a custom mobile app relates to the amount of time it takes for a mobile app developer to create it. The time taken will generally be affected by the quantity and complexity of the feature you require in your mobile app.

We can help work through your requirements and advise on how they would impact your project budget.

What’s your budget?

Costing and scoping a custom mobile app development project is about finding the best possible solution to a number of constraints. Naturally, one of the biggest constraints is often budget. Don’t be afraid to share your budget with mobile app developers – we love solving problems, so can help you to work within your budget to deliver the best possible mobile solution.

Speak to us about app costings

Your questions answered

We don’t have all the answers but here are a few answers to the questions we’re commonly asked about mobile apps. If your question isn’t answered here, get in touch and we’d be delighted to help.

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What are mobile apps?

A mobile app (also known as a mobile application or an app) is an installable software application that is designed and developed to run on a mobile device such as a phone, tablet or wearable. Apps can be publicly distributed via app stores provided by the phone’s operating system such as Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store. For businesses, apps can be distributed via a closed enterprise app store or ad-hoc distribution.

Why are mobile apps important for business?

Mobile apps provide high levels of functionality, combined with portability. There are many reasons why businesses may want a mobile app, from mobilising a workforce to improve productivity, to customer loyalty apps, bringing personalisation, in-app purchases and promotions to their customers.

How much does it cost to build an app?

We build bespoke mobile apps and the cost will vary depending on the functionality you require. Adding complex business logic, user logins and two way communication will all add complexity, as well as the use of native features such as push notifications or location services. If cost is a major consideration for your project and you’re considering removing functionality, it may be that a mobile application will give a better return on your investment. We’ll happily discuss your options with you. Just get in touch

What’s the benefit of a mobile app versus a web app or website?

The key difference between a mobile application and a website is that mobile applications have a deeper level of integration with the device’s operating system, allowing for additional functionality such as push notifications, geofencing and offline storage. Mobile browsers however are getting closer to providing an experience that rivals that of a mobile app, with the added benefit of a cleaner user flow by avoiding the need to install the application software. We’ll help you weigh up the pros and cons of mobile apps vs a mobile website to help you choose the best route forward. Just ask!

Why is mobile app testing important?

Mobile app testing is particularly important because of the number of potential devices that the app can be installed on. By following a mobile app test strategy that is appropriate for your project, the number of bugs can be significantly reduced. Mobile application testing can be achieved with automation as well as manual testing; which is most appropriate will depend on the type of project.

How mobile app development works at First Option Software

Every software project we develop is entirely bespoke but this is how we approach a software project to ensure you get the best possible outcome.

Talk to us

This is the most important stage of any bespoke mobile app project and it doesn’t stop after we start building your app. We believe that good communication is key to a successful software project and we pride ourselves on building good relationships with our customers, founded on our honest approach to business.

Analysis and specification

Key to the success of your mobile app is a well written system requirement specification (SRS). We specialise in translating your real-world needs into software functions that deliver on your requirements. Based on the scope we outline in your system requirement specification, we will agree the commercials and methodologies of the project, from fixed price to time& materials and from waterfall, to agile.

We develop your mobile app

Our mobile app developers will work to your system requirements specification, building your bespoke mobile app. You’ll receive regular progress updates from project managers and developers, so that you’re always in the know. We develop all our mobile apps on internal development environments that are backed up regularly to keep your source code safe. We’ll also create a QA version for our mobile app testers, a staging environment for you to test your app and of course a live environment for your finished mobile app.

We test your mobile app

A mobile app tester works alongside our developers to manually test chunks of functionality as they are completed. If we’ve agreed to incorporate automated testing to your project, we’ll build unit tests as we go.

Mobile app distribution

We’ll agree how to distribute your app at the specification phase but we’ll distribute your app to key stakeholders for testing and approval, before publishing your app to the App Store, Play Store, Enterprise stores or via ad-hoc deployment. Every business has different needs based on their project and our bespoke approach allows us to be flexible in meeting your needs.

Mobile app analytics

When you’ve invested in your mobile app, it’s important to measure, learn and fine tune its performance when it’s being used for real. We can advise and integrate analytics and feedback mechanisms into your app, then review and discuss the results with you.

Why choose First Option Software to build your mobile app?

With increasing mobile device ownership and being the number 1 way to browse the internet, there’s no doubt that mobile apps can bring huge benefits to businesses. As we work predominantly in the B2B space, we can apply our business thinking and technical expertise to your project.

We pride ourselves in taking the time to understand your exact business needs, as well as providing the honest feedback you need to make informed decisions. We build long term relationships based on trust and have the long standing customer relationships to prove it. If you want to partner with a bespoke mobile app developer who cares about and understands your business, let’s get started, give us a call!

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