People ignore design that ignores people.

Frank Chimero

Professional and practical

User experience evaluation for websites, systems and apps on multiple devices

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Basic review

First steps towards a better user experience

  • Impression test analysis
    To test the clarity and most prominent features of your design represent your product’s main message.
  • Expert usability review
    To test the overall user experience of your product against established standards and guidelines.
  • Blur test analysis
    To test the visual hierarchy and focus of your design are intentionally curated.
  • Loading time
     To improve the loading speed of your product.
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Standard assessment

For a structured user experience design strategy

  • Everything from Basic, plus:
  • Information architecture
    To test the hierarchy and focus of information are clearly targeted. 
  • Accessibility review
    To test the accessibility of your product against established standards and guidelines.
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Bespoke study

A tailored full study of the user experience of your product

  • We’ll collect qualitative and quantitative data to analyse and improve the user interaction of your product, including:
    – Surveys
    – Focus groups
    – Analytics
    – User testing
    – Observations
    – Persona creation
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Delivery time is usually one week from the date you place the order. Priority is available upon request, please contact us for more information.

What do you get?

A practical guide to improve
your product’s efficiency, credibility and increase user engagement.

Boost leads

We carry out contextual
inquiry to create a representative
user base for your product.

Improve credibility

We will create a significance
matrix to define the user experience
for your product. 


We observe and test how users interact
with your product. Trace where your are
losing potential customers and where your
significant gains are.

Increase accessibility

We will analyse the accessibility of your service
against established standards and guidelines
to make it accessible to everyone.

Get actionable insights

We work with you to answer the “why”,
“when” and “what” questions that matter the most
to your service. We provide data that helps you
set and meet your users’ expectations.

Optimise usability

We identify the strengths and weaknesses
of the user experience in your product to
improve and fix them.

Our approach

Our passionate and hardworking team combines software expertise with user research
to deliver practical and efficient experiences.





User Experience insights

Read the latest insights from our
user experience team

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What do you get from a user experience evaluation?

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