Bespoke Software in the Care Sector


The care sector isn’t a typical target market for technology and software providers. However new technologies are opening up opportunities to engage with the elderly and disabled in ways that are simpler to use and less threatening than traditional computer interfaces. Instant on devices with voice interaction, touch screens and the use of artificial intelligence all make the user experience more natural and intuitive to sectors that aren’t familiar or able to use traditional computer interfaces. Combined with sensibly designed user interfaces, software can be more accessible to these minority sectors than ever before.

Voice assistant skill development

The latest Google Echo and Amazon Alexa devices are bringing voice interaction to the masses enabling new opportunities of computer interaction for people with less dextrous capability. This opens up a potentially untapped market for new products.

Things we’ve learnt in developing software for this sector, include:

  • Ensure buttons and content are well spaced out
  • Minimise buttons to one or two per screen
  • Enable the user to interact with voice commands, providing multiple ways of instructing the same commands
  • Avoid the use of techie words such as “Home”, replacing with simpler terms such as “Start Again”
  • Use clear large fonts in high contrasting colours

Enabling the elderly to use voice commands to interact with their care home managers and creating a social media platform targeted at helping the elderly with dementia are some of the ways we’ve been using new technologies with bespoke software in the Care sector.

Examples of our work in the Retirement Sector

Manufacture Programming and Configuration Tool

Accudyne outsourced this project to First Option Software to enable them to concentrate on their specialism, the engineering of the project, and overall achieve delivery of their project more efficiently.

Crafting a sales & account management tool for agronomy

Crop Advisors is a perfect example of using bespoke software to fit the unique needs of business. There’s no off-the-shelf solution for managing the buying, purchasing and accounts for crops, chemicals and fertilisers, so Crop Advisors challenged First Option Software to build a custom software solution.

Care home voice assistant

We helped Elifar create an innovative new way for tenants of their brand new Care Home to book services and interact with the Care home manager.


In a break from convention, we helped BlinkLegal redefine document management with a system that preserves a paper-based workflow.

UK Sport

How we helped Thomas Miller deliver a dependable presentation solution to UK Sport

Jaguar Land Rover

One of First Option’s longest standing clients, Jaguar Land Rover have constant requirements to keep ahead of the game by systematic development and implementation of software on a phased, rolling basis

RMS. Tailored resource management

How we helped Stoneseed create a resource management system that suits the developing needs of their business

MX. Data exchange for engineers

How we took Majenta’s existing data exchange platform to new levels.

Crew and Concierge

How we helped Sara’s yacht crew recruitment business set sail.


In order to take full advantage of growing online sales Skoolkit needed a new, upbeat and intuitive website. But more than that, they needed it to talk to their existing stock control system to avoid many hours of wasted duplicate data entry.