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Jaguar Land Rover

One of First Option’s longest standing clients, Jaguar Land Rover have constant requirements to keep ahead of the game by systematic development and implementation of software on a phased, rolling basis

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A long-standing relationship

Jaguar and Land Rover are iconic British brands as world renowned manufacturers of luxury sports cars and 4×4 vehicles. As a global company with a large product portfolio JLR have dedicated teams to manage and monitor product quality reports coming in from the worldwide dealer network.

First Option Software has a long established relationship with Jaguar LandRover (JLR) that dates back to the 1990s, back in the days when First Option were commissioned to provide multimedia training. This training proved successful and was the start of a working relationship that continues to this day.

For the best part of two decades First Option Software has successfully developed and supported a key application for JLR known as GCM (Global Concern Management). From its modest start in 1999 supporting a single business process this has developed into a sophisticated package with many different JLR users on board performing various operations.

Aside from the technical challenges, by understanding complex business processes FOS have enjoyed the opportunity to build up a long standing, successful relationship with a global brand.

Jaguar Land Rover software

From paperwork to network

Back in the 1990s, JLR used a paper based system for reporting vehicle concerns. Issues would be recorded by retailers and then sent to JLR using snail mail. This was then followed by an internal process that resulted in an output being mailed back to the retailers.

The brief was to bring this process to the internet with a system where vehicle concerns could be recorded and viewed online.

Since the successful launch in 2000 the system has been extensively built on and improved. With it the projects (and therefore the challenges) have really taken off. Apart from the obvious challenges brought about by new technologies that have become available and end users’ ever-increasing expectations, FOS have been kept on their toes by the new business processes that need to be supported. For instance:

Early Warning Reporting

To monitor and pro-actively check incoming reports for vehicles to ensure there are no quality concerns. First Option Software provided this team with an easy to use interface to drive their review meetings.

Red Flag

An enhancement to GCM that helps ensure that reported issues are being dealt with in a timely fashion. FOS provided an extensive dashboard to summarise the information they needed. These are just two of many successful additions to GCM. JLR continue to seek improvements, upgrades and new phases to their work and First Option continues to rise to the challenge.

Ongoing Phases

2015 was an interesting year and has seen further key development. The GCM project can never be accused of being dull …

A key integration has taken place with a diagnostic tool used by technicians. The key purpose of this is to simplify the technician’s life when needing to supply information held by the diagnostic tool to GCM.

A recently launched feature is the use of an advanced analytical package that will attempt to determine if a newly submitted report can be resolved by reviewing previously closed similar reports that the system presents back to the user

2016 is already looking exciting in the GCM world with exciting new integration items now being discussed.

One for the road

First Option Software have recently designed and developed a supporting iOS and Android app for roadside technicians. The app allows technicians to report a problem at the roadside that will then be fed into GCM.

This involved an entirely new user interface design to facilitate fast and easy input of data and makes use of native device features such as the camera for photographic VIN plates. To ensure its functionality in any location, the app also supports offline use, saving data to be synced when a connection is available.

Jaguar Land Rover Roadside Assist App