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MX. Data exchange for engineers

How we took Majenta’s existing data exchange platform to new levels.

The brief

Majenta approached First Option Software to consider how they could redevelop their popular business to business file transfer service, MX, using the latest browser technologies. MX, targeted at Automotive OEM’s wishing to securely transfer CAD files between their suppliers was originally developed some years ago using Java applets and consequently was in need of modernisation.

“We’re impressed by the vision, dedication and commitment that First Option Software show to our project.  Their collaborative approach works really well for us and is a refreshing change.”.

Monty Meghjee, Director, Majenta Solutions

The background

Majenta had a vision of making MX the definitive product for file transfer among business engineering communities. The new version was to continue the ethos of fast, secure, simple, file transfer but also look to broaden the appeal of the product and enable Majenta to move into new markets.

The key feature requirements of the new MX include:

  • Send multiple files to individuals or groups in a secure network
  • Cutting-edge file encryption
  • In-depth management of organisations and personal groups
  • Full audit trail of user transaction activity
  • Ultra-fast upload/download speeds
  • Highly secure system with deletion of transaction data after expiry period
  • Automatic transaction notifications keeping the sender informed
  • Multi-tenant architecture for Cloud deployment
  • Easy signup and deployment for new customers

After a number of excitable whiteboard sessions, lots of pointing and “aha” moments our team was briefed and excited by the challenge to build the all-new MX.

Majenta MX user interface design

From the ground up

With this in mind First Option Software set about designing a brand new software and hardware architecture to achieve these goals and provide the flexibility needed to meet Majenta’s future development and expansion plans. With Majenta’s growth plans for the product it was important to draw upon our full range of technical experience to ensure we designed a system that provided for the many facets of the system to scale.

The Technical Bit

All of the client interface is developed using pure HTML, built upon the BootStrap and FlatUI frameworks. We use the latest HTML 5 FileApi to stream the files to/from the server, falling back on older techniques to support legacy browsers. Server side we use Java based technologies, utilising Apache, WildFly and Hibernate to process and store the data.   All customer data is encrypted using ciphers with 256 bit keys. The architecture enables the system to be scaled both horizontally and vertically.

Style as well as Substance

With the freedom of building the system from the ground up, we engaged our in-house digital designers to look at how to optimise the user experience, ensuring that all the user functionality was totally intuitive to use and all the information a user needs is presented with clarity and ease.

Supporting MX

As well as the design and development of MX itself, First Option Software have provided extra services to support the main product:

  • Design and build of the product’s marketing website
  • Configuration and management of the product’s hosting environment
  • Marketing videos to introduce and promote the product
  • Design of email notification templates
  • Integration of marketing communications software to enable Majenta’s sales and marketing teams to accurately monitor sales and usage
Majenta MX interface design