Contrary to the implication that Adobe’s ColdFusion development language is dying off (based on the popularity of Google search suggestions that popup), ColdFusion continues to go from strength to strength.

With Adobe committing to providing extended support for ColdFusion 2018 through to 2025 and ColdFusion 2020 on its way, it’s clear that Adobe see a bright future for the platform and it continues to meet the performance and functional demands of popular websites and serious developers.

The Teratech recent survey ( illustrates that many companies are still working with versions CF10, CF11, and 2016. There’s clearly a large proportion of companies that are yet to embrace the upgrade process for one reason or another.  

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If you are looking for support in your ColdFusion application development or upgrades, we’ve been undertaking Coldfusion software development projects for over 20 years, so have extensive experience of working with all the different versions and migrating systems onto newer version upgrades and would love to hear from you.  

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