For those of you who attended our #GirlsinIT symposium in October (if you didn’t, see our blog post) you will remember that the idea was not to just have a long chat about what is wrong in the world of IT and why it is reluctant to invite women over the threshold, but to do something about it, if possible.

So the first outcome as a result of that event is our White Paper on on Girls in IT which is available now to view or download – simply click on this link: #GirlsinIT_white_paper.

It is written very much from a lay person’s point of view, with anecdotal and first hand evidence and opinion from many sources. It is not meant to be an industry survey, nor a definitive solution to the problem – what it is meant to do is to make us think about what we can all do – in industry, as employers, teachers, or as parents of school-age children – and to question the traditional thinking that tech is for boys and girls shouldn’t consider it as a serious career path.

We welcome your feedback and ideas on how we can continue the momentum and make a difference, for the sake of the future generations of coders and the people who will benefit from that code. Do contact us, follow us on Twitter and let us know how you think we can all make a difference.