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Bespoke software in Human Resources

Motivated, well trained, effective staff are central to all successful businesses and so the effectiveness of HR departments to perform their role can be key to positive growth. Motivating and effectively communicating on a large scale to a diverse, geographically spread workforce can be incredibly challenging for HR departments.

Increased Engagement improves Retention

Using modern software techniques to engage with employees in new ways improves communication, reinforces internal brand awareness, builds a positive culture and ultimately improves retention.  Engaging with the latest generation involves ensuring they have all they need to hand within a few button presses, which means mobile apps or at the very least mobile friendly portals are a must for the modern day HR department in communicating with their staff.

How can bespoke software help business HR departments?

Uses apps to deliver training in an engaging way, enabling staff to complete it when it most suits them

Support and Advice
Use apps to help staff engage and support one another in constructive ways and easily find all the information they need whenever they need it.

Help new staff find their way with interactive maps, searchable documentation and all they need so they can work efficiently as quickly as possible in their new role.

Use structured workflows to help comply with employment, GDPR and other laws.