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Bespoke software in the insurance sector

Insurance is a highly competitive market leading to the need for claims to be processed highly efficiently in order to maintain margins.  With insurance quotes and claims processing being predominantly rules oriented, this is ideal territory for software to enable efficiency in the business by increased automation of processing.  The use of email to send regular updates and documentation avoids printing and postage costs. Providing a customer portal can also provide customers with access to all the information they might need, cutting down on expensive calls to the support desk whilst also increasing customer satisfaction.

Bespoke workflow automation and more

Integration with claims validation companies, loss adjusters and repair/replacement networks can ensure claims are processed efficiently throughout the process.  Indeed claims validation is typically rules based and is likewise ideal for software workflow automation.

Benefits that bespoke software brings to the insurance sector :

  • Efficient and accurate insurance quoting
  • Automated claims processing based on configurable workflow processing
  • Reduced claims processing costs from greater efficiency
  • Reduced stationery, printing & postage costs
  • Increased customer satisfaction from efficient claim handling

We’ve previously developed an app for assessing insurance claims as well as a claims management system for a nationwide claims assessment company.