Augmentation Services

With good engineer recruitment being incredibly time consuming, costly and risky, our software development augmentation services enable you to increase your team with the flexibility that you need.  Adding our expert developers enables you to increase your agility and save you costs on recruitment, training and overheads.

Having your own in-house software development team can be a great way to give your business the agility to quickly adapt to change but it isn’t without its challenges.

Increasing or fluctuating demand from the business, combined with budget pressures can make it really difficult to ensure you always have the right amount of resource and that they are skilled accordingly.

Augmentation services can also bring additional intangible benefits

  • An “air gap” between the developers that hold your systems technical understanding, reducing the risk of losing the knowledge needed to maintain your systems.
  • The opportunity to gain from additional skills and experience not available in the current in-house team
  • The opportunity to gain from independent opinions and knowledge unhampered by internal politics and legacy approaches.

Our flexible approach means we can offer:

  • A wide range of programming language and technology capabilities
  • Complementary resources such as; Architecture, UI Design, QA, Security can be added as needed
  • A flexible approach to management
  • Transparent timesheet reporting
  • Discounts according to the scale of days required
First Option Software Team Members