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Customer Interfaces

Easing the means for customers to work and communicate with your business is a great way for your business to stand out from the competition.  It also builds loyalty to your brand and adds resistance to any internal pressure from customer’s finance departments to supplier hop based on price.

Customer interfaces can take many different forms, and which is best for you will depend on your business’ and customers’ needs.

Here we explain the most common forms:

Customer Portals

A bespoke web-based customer portal is an easy way to avoid customer frustration by giving them any time, anywhere access to all the information you need to share with them.  As well as adding loyalty and value to your proposition, it’s also likely to provide you with efficiencies by reducing unnecessary calls into your support desk.

With the increased regulations brought in by GDPR it can also be a key way to facilitate your compliance by avoiding personal data being sent and received across insecure email channels.

Depending on your systems, putting together a customer portal can often be a quick win with short ROI timescales.

In many cases, the portal can be made a fully responsive web application ensuring users can make use of the portal from mobile devices to give them truly flexible access wherever they need it.

Mobile apps

Enabling your customers to have access to your services and the information you hold for them within an app on their mobile is another great way of building customer loyalty and enabling direct communication with your customers.  If there is a need to make use of device features, such as the camera and GPS, a native app can optimise the user experience and encourage loyalty and use of your services. Push notifications are a great way to keep in touch with your customers, reminding them of what they need to know or do to simplify how they work with you.

API (Application Programming Interface)

Providing your customers with an API that enables them to directly integrate their systems with your own is the ideal way of helping customers access your services and tie them into your offering.  The investment that they make in integrating with your API will significantly reduce the likelihood of them switching suppliers.