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Database Systems

Most business systems need a database at their core to store all the business data and then use them to create reports that provide insights that add value to the business.

Databases have an enormous range of capability from a simple single user Microsoft Access database installed on a workstation through to an enterprise fully scalable, resilient, optimised database hosted in multiple cloud data centres.

When we first started 30 years ago, we were using FairCom’s Ctree database with our own hand built drivers for our projects, but a lot has changed in the database world since then.

Choosing the right database and creating the best database design for your system is an important aspect of any project.  If you have large volumes of data, your system is business critical, or complex in nature, there are many choices to consider.  The right choices can go a long way towards making sure the software provides the resilience, flexibility and future proofing you need.   Our experts will discuss all the options with you in order to help you weigh up the cost versus benefits relationship.

We have experience of creating bespoke software applications working with the following databases.

  •       Microsoft SQL Server
  •       MySQL
  •       Oracle
  •       Mongo
  •       Microsoft Access
  •       PostgreSQL