System takeover

We’ll keep your system running when you’re looking for a smooth handover.

If you’ve got the source code, we can take it on. We speak hundreds of languages, including yours. No matter the technology we’re not afraid to help you out.

Unlike many other software companies, we are platform neutral. We centre around a belief in choosing the right tool for the right job and enjoy learning new systems and technologies. It’s this skill set and mindset that has led to us adopting the systems of many businesses. In fact, some of our longest and most successful relationships started as a system takeover project.

4 reasons you can trust First Option Software with your system takeover

  1. Understanding your business.

    The key to success is understanding and with experience and expertise, we've got what it takes.

  2. Rapid

    We have the resources to put in place whenever and wherever you need them.

  3. Seeing a project through.

    System takeover is just the beginning. We never let a project fail.

  4. Smooth

    Business continuity is our priority. Sit back and let us do the hard work.

Here are some ways we can help with your system takeover:

Getting you over the finish line

If you’ve invested heavily in a project and it cant be finished by the current developer for whatever reason or saga (we’ve heard allsorts!), no need to despair, we have years of experience of taking on other developers code.

Helping with maintenance

Software has to be maintained to keep it running smoothly. The systems, databases, and technologies that its built upon all get updated on a continual basis and if your software doesn’t keep up with the times, the cost of keeping it running will increase and likewise the risk of costly downtime caused by difficult to resolve failures. We can help you protect your investment by keep your software running.

Redeveloping your software system

After a time, even good technologies, become dated or obsolete by newer technologies (e.g. Java applets following the rise of HTML5). Equally sometimes new trends and disruptive market factors can cause technologies to go out of favour (e.g. Flash support dropped by Apple software), meaning that the technology your system is built upon is no longer supported or easily maintained. Sometimes it can be better to cut your losses and redevelop a new system, using the latest technologies. With the experience of a second run, you’ll get the opportunity to keep the best bits

It all starts with a conversation

We understand that systems takeovers can be a sensitive topic and a daunting prospect. It’s best to start things off with a conversation – we act with discretion and will help you to plan the best way forward.