Short answer: a report that underlines the strengths and weaknesses of the user experience design of your product and recommends practical suggestions and solutions. Its focus is improving the user experience in a practical and straightforward approach with minimum amount of jargon and maximum amount of effectiveness. Why should you care, I hear you ask. Simply, because the user experience of your product directly impacts your business. But before we dive into how user experience is one of the most strategic forces in your business, let us first review some of the best practices for your company to improve its business processes.

To start off, business improvement should be based on business performance measurement. It’s imperative to have a solid handle on why we are doing something, and a measurement system gives us a critical overview on where we stand and our overall status. Fair enough, but how does this relate to the user experience report? The user experience report supports your business principles and company’s vision. Just like good business management is based on a well-thought-out measurement process, the user experience report is also based on metrics that support performance-driven change, critical feedback, prioritization and a clearly communicated strategy for improvement.

Metrics are a key component of successful businesses. The user experience report presents tangible data, for you to act upon. The focus is to deliver content and conversion opportunities. Page layouts, input fields, buttons and user flows are all factors that determine whether or not your customer will complete a specific process, business cycle. Why is every field in the form? Is it part of an action? How often is it being used? The user experience report might surprise you by finding out how often some of your product’s interface is being used or not, slowing down the user cycle or delivering an inefficient user experience.

Business is all about people, user experience is as well. What values does the user experience report bring to the table? It makes visible the metrics that support the company’s visions. The user experience report is about two things: the user and the experience. The user is your customer, and the experience is your product. In identifying things that need to be changed, problems that need to be fixed or solutions that need to be improved, the report gives your business real value.

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