Streamline your park operations.

Finally, a system to connect theme park operations teams to data, insights and automation.

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One system that connects command centre operations to live ride and training data

Introducing CmdCtr, your ticket to a connected operations team. CmdCtr replaces paper based training records and daily operations sheets, automates workflow and enforces access control. Above all, senior operations staff can gain instant access to huge quantities of information and insights. CmdCtr enables streamlined, flexible and innovative approaches to operations management.

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Easy access to speed and efficiency for the entire park operations team

The operations team is the beating heart of any theme park. We created CmdCtr to address the need to connect teams, process and data into a single system that helps drive efficiency by replacing paper-based training & operations sheets, automatically storing and syncing data. Every team member counts and CmdCtr is a system that every team member will benefit from.

For senior operations staff

Instant access to the live data and information you need to see exactly what is happening on the park. From ride performance metrics to live downtime reporting. Accessible via desktop or mobile, the CmdCtr hub application will keep you informed throughout the day, while capturing every piece of data it handles for future audit and analysis.

For team trainers

Training is central to CmdCtr, whether you have an existing training system or choose to use ours, your training records will be used to enforce procedures and access control. Our training system enables the creation and management of training programmes, provides a mobile app for staff training sessions and stores the information at every step. A digitised training system enables teams to be more flexible and more adaptive than ever before.

For ride operators

A dedicated app for ride operators replaces paper daily ops sheets. The easy to use application manages access control, captures ride checks, ride performance data (throughput, queue times, seats, etc), downtime and incident reports. Built in resilience comes from the app’s ability to store information while offline and sync when a data connection is restored.

Is cmd.ctr an off the shelf product?

Not quite. We originally built CmdCtr as a custom solution for UK Theme Park, Paultons Park. They want other theme parks and amusement parks around the world to benefit from the efficiencies and insights they have gained from the system, so we’ve created CmdCtr to provide the benefits of an off the shelf theme park software solution, with the added benefit of a bespoke software company that can customise it to fit your exact needs.

Whether it’s adapting business logic or integrating with existing systems at your park, our bespoke software developers have the expertise to ensure that CmdCtr provide the maximum possible benefit for your investment. If you’d like to learn more about how the system could work for your operations team, get in touch and one of our team will be happy to help!

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Your questions answered

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, just ask!

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How do I install and run CmdCtr?

As a basis, CmdCtr consists of two mobile apps, a web app and a back end server. As part of your set up, we’ll help you get the system installed on your own cloud server (on a provider such as AWS) and onto the tablet devices you intend to use. We’ll help ensure that your data can’t be accessed by anyone outside of the teams or locations you require.

Will it work with my other systems?

We know that there are many other great theme park management systems that provide ticketing, POS, virtual queuing, maintenance and HR. We also understand that having multiple disparate systems can cause as much of a headache as the problems they seek to solve! Our bespoke team will ensure that your system is set up to integrate with any existing systems that are critical to the operations workflow. While operations teams keep the park running, CmdCtr can ensure that information flows seamlessly across your systems.

How much does it cost?

CmdCtr isn’t an off the shelf product, it’s a suite of core functionality that we can tailor to meet your exact requirements. The advantage of this is that we can provide you with tried and tested functionality without the investment of creating it from scratch. How much the solution will cost for your park will depend on the workflows and integrations you require. We’d be happy to discuss this with you, so please get in touch.