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Bespoke Software for Manufacturing & Engineering

Achieving high profit margins in manufacturing is all about ensuring processes are optimised and automated from end to end.  From ensuring parts are ordered from the supply chain just in time, through to ensuring completed product passes quality control before being shipped, bespoke software can be key to delivering optimal timing.

A connected production line

Integration with supply chain providers ordering systems can enable stock control software to automatically place orders ensuring the production line is always stocked with parts.  Likewise enabling your customers to place orders online or automatically through your own published API interfaces can cut out staff costs and opportunities for manual mistakes.

It almost goes without saying that automating the production line with software controlled robots and machinery will speed up any manufacturing process.  

Bespoke software can enable all elements of the production chain to be optimised to your unique business enabling you to maximise your margins and increase your profits.

  • Supply chain integration
  • Customer ordering integration
  • Stock control
  • Finance system integration
  • Production batch records and part tracing
  • Production line machine control
  • QA process control and audit
  • Shipping control checks
  • Delivery note generation