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Bespoke software in the attractions industry

With customer service being of utmost importance in the attractions industry, attractions need every aspect of their operations to be slick, safe and easy to manage.  Slick and safe can be hard to achieve if processes are outdated. Optimising these processes with bespoke software can reduce risks, improve management and bring additional benefits.

Increased Customer Satisfaction and Increased profits

The highest customer satisfaction comes from visitors creating positive memories of enjoyable experiences at your attraction.  This best comes about when staff are trained, efficient and have easy processes to follow, reducing the pressure on them and consequently reducing the likelihood of them making mistakes.   A bespoke software system at the core of your processes is often the most effective way of unlocking all these benefits.

Using bespoke software on mobile devices around your attraction to record health & safety information, ride operations, throughput and faults to a central server creates a wealth of real-time management data.  Boxes of paper records and endless walking around the attraction to find the latest information become a thing of the past with managers able to easily view dashboards and query historic data to find exactly what they need in a fraction of the time.

Bespoke software can also open up innovative ways of increasing sales through imaginative engagement with customers to enhance their visitor experience.

How can bespoke software help businesses in the Attractions Industry?

Use an app to record the training of your staff to know exactly what they are permitted to operate, plan shifts and be able to prove their capability in case of litigation.

Dynamic Information
Help customers enjoy their day by giving them up to the minute queue time information in the most accessible way, be that through an app, website or in-park screen updates.   Likewise provide managers with unified dashboards of ride statuses and staff availability.

Dynamic Marketing
Engage with your customers and maximise your visitors by using data insights to understand their preferences and desires.

Healthy and Safety Records
Use an app to enforce the recording of health and safety checks and ensure the records are always available in the event of a claim.

Retail Sales
Increase sales by providing additional ways for your customers to purchase gifts, food and tickets from you in the most frictionless manner.

Integrate marketing systems, finance systems and operations systems together for seamless workflows.

Take a look at YourMapp, our mobile app for visitor attractions as one example of how software can increase visitor engagement.

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