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Efficiency starts with software developers who understand agriculture

First Option Software helps the agriculture industry to gain efficiencies through the creation of custom software 

Increased profits through efficiency

Using software to keep track of things like supplier pricing, forecasts, sales, and stocks can maximise profits and be a way of gaining an advantage over the competition.  Spreadsheets can take you so far, but they quickly spiral out of control, aren’t scalable for more users and can result in costly mistakes. Why not turn all the complex plans you use in your head into automated software rules that enable your business to work faster and more reliably.  What’s more, having all your data in a well designed database will enable you to gain invaluable new insights into your business that weren’t previously possible.

Here are just some examples of how software can help businesses in the farming and agriculture sector.

Supplier Pricing

Keep track of all pricing options and review against historic pricing to ensure you get the best possible price.  Where possible pull in pricing automatically from external systems.

Finance System Integration

Integrate with your finance system (Sage etc) to automatically raise invoices, purchase orders etc or view account totals.

Sales Forecasting

Have software automatically calculate and keep track of your sales forecasts.

Stock Control

Have software warn you when stocks are getting low and recommend reorder details.


Sowing, harvesting, deliveries, collections are best all managed from one place.

Automated Letters

Easily keep in touch with suppliers and customers with templated letters that can email or print automatically according to your rules

We’ve undertaken software projects for a number of companies working in the farming and agriculture sector.  For some of these the software is central to how they run their business. Take a look at the example case studies below.