Desktop Development

Whilst web and cross platform development technologies have made great advances there can still be a place for locally installed desktop applications, whether that be on a local machine or via a remote desktop.

Some people just prefer desktop applications, but there can also be a variety of other reasons as to why you’d particularly want to choose to target creating a desktop application:

  • Where application performance is particularly important
  • Where local storage and the volume of data being processed locally is important
  • Where there is a need to integrate with other desktop software
  • Where the application is typically used offline
  • Where the application needs access to specific operating system capability that is only available through local OS or vendor APIs
  • Where hardware integration is key or more control is needed over the user experience of hardware use within the software
  • Where the user base is typically limited, understood and/or has a controlled environment
  • Where hosting the application on a server is not possible or suitable

Software without restriction

Desktop applications aren’t restricted by the limitations that web applications have from being run within the controlled browser environment (typically referred to as the Sandbox).  This enables desktop applications to have higher degrees of flexibility and system performance. Being able to run an application as a background service, add options to the operating system’s file menu are just a couple of basic examples of functions that can only be achieved as an installed desktop application.

Even though desktop applications are installed locally, it is perfectly reasonable and suitable for them to, make use of Cloud server(s).  Desktop applications, are equally well suited to integrate with third party products by linking in vendor functions that are made available as APIs.

Considering commissioning a bespoke desktop application?

There are a variety of things to consider when choosing how to implement a desktop application, we’ll happily discuss your requirement through with you and help you decide what’s best for you.

Having been developing desktop applications in a wide range of languages for nearly 30 years:

  • Office software that involves scanning and OCRing large quantities of customer forms
  • Software service to sync data to a Cloud server
  • Software that acts as a plugin to Microsoft Outlook
  • Software to enable the layout of articles onto virtual pages
  • Software to register reception arrivals, capturing photos and printing badges

Whatever your needs, we’ve got the experience to be able to advise you on the best approach for your project.