5 Reasons you would undertake a Bespoke Software Project

By commissioning a software development project, you  hire software developers to design and build a unique piece of software that is specific to your requirements.

So why would you want to do that?  Here are 5 reasons you would want to create something bespoke.

  1. You have an innovative or new idea

    Maybe you’ve got the next facebook in your mind or perhaps you have an idea of how to completely shake up your industry. Whatever your idea, we can advise on how to approach your project and help turn your ideas into reality.

  2. You have a requirement that can’t be met by an off the shelf product

    If your requirement builds on your business’ unique proposition there’s a good chance that there just won’t be a product to meet your needs. A bespoke solution can help reinforce your USP.

    It’s fair to say that off the shelf products should be the first port of call for typical standard business requirements, such as accounts packages and CRM systems. Products take many years of development,so we therefore wouldn’t recommend you take the decision to create your own bespoke equivalent lightly. Having said that, if you only use a fraction of the functionality that an off the shelf products provide, it may be worth considering creating your own bespoke, lightweight, more efficient version.

  3. You want to improve your business processes with a coherent software solution

    We’ve seen many businesses wrangling with a convoluted combination of spreadsheets, online tools, paper and email. The frequency of errors and duplication of work lead to poor staff satisfaction, while having to work with processes they know are inefficient. Providing a single software solution, with your data in one place can reduce staff costs (from efficiency, accuracy and retention), enable a better understanding of your data, whilst also increasing customer satisfaction.

  4. You want to create a new customer proposition by creating a software solution that works in conjunction with 3rd party product(s)

    Adding services on top of existing products or integrating products together in new ways can be a great way to create value for your clients. If a product provides an API (application programmers interface), then there’s a good chance we can create a software solution that seamlessly adds your value on top of a 3rd party product to create a convincing new proposition that you can brand as your own.

  5. You want to steal a march on your competition by enabling your customers to buy/consume your products/services more effectively

    In most businesses, your customers will appreciate being able to do business with you in the most efficient way. Whether that be by providing a customer portal or a mobile app, reducing the amount of friction there is in doing business with you will help you win and retain customers.

Creating something bespoke isn’t likely to be the quickest or cheapest option, but the value that can be added to your business from these approaches can easily outweigh the investment involved. We’ll always strive to help you draw the most value possible from your investment.

Case studies:  See how we helped some of our customers with a bespoke software project