There is a Law of Breakfast Events which states ‘For every good intention and plan there is an equal and opposite reaction by the weather’. So it was no surprise that, despite a thaw in the cold conditions, the snow having been washed away and everything looking good for our first ever breakfast event, I got my first warning shot the previous afternoon in the form of a text from an invitee to tell me that the A3 southbound from Petersfield was partially closed due to a huge dump of snow.

Despite this, and the fact that this sudden and rather unforeseen turn in events incapacitated a few other visitors from making it on a cold winter’s morning, we had a fantastic turnout and our guests enjoyed a hugely successful first bash, complete with breakast.

The subject matter for our first First Thing (use hashtag #FirstThing if you’re on Twitter) was mobile apps – how much do they cost, what can they do, how do they work, is there a ROI and what is the point of them?

The last five years has seen smartphones and tablets creeping into everyday. They appear everywhere in conferences, meetings, airport lounges and café hotspots. They have unleashed the shackles of the desk in one way and tethered their users to them in another. The chances are that an app, in some form or other, is used for business purposes before most people even get to work in the morning

Mobiles are big news and organisations are waking up to what apps can do, by bringing the internet to the user rather than the other way around. They make it easy to perform functions we used to do on our desktop PCs. As to the future – the crystal ball is a bit cloudy on that one but it’s fair to say that apps are at the same stage now as websites were 15 years ago and the devices that they work on will change out of all recognition in less than a decade from now.

This was essentially the core of our first #FirstThing seminar. As to the future – well, we see this as a great way to open the doors of First Option and allow people to peek inside. There are still people who walk past our office every day and didn’t know that we produce bespoke software. So we plan to make it a regular event with interesting and relevant topics and speakers – to invite discussion, networking, collaboration and an exchange of views.

And we’re hoping that the weather conditions are a bit kinder for the next one.