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Software system integration

System integration ensures that all of the software systems your business relies on function as efficiently as possible. With the potential to speed up manual tasks, prevent duplication of data and integrate data across multiple systems, a bespoke system integration solution could provide the productivity and profit boost to transform your business.

Together, we can get your systems working together

What is system integration?

Bespoke business system integration is where system integration engineers help disparate systems talk to each other. Over time, all businesses adopt, create and evolve multiple software packages and apps to fulfil their day to day operations. With systems being implemented at different points in time, more often that not, these systems are entirely independent from each other. The system integration process takes these independent systems and helps them work together. In bespoke software, systems integration can be as simple as a background data sync integration, to a bespoke portal which provides access to all of your systems.

Tell us about the systems you want to bring together

How system integration works

Like in all that we do, our bespoke approach to software system integration means that system integration can work exactly how you need it to work. If you have two or more systems that you want to work together, there are limitless ways that we can connect them but here are some typical integration tools we can use.

Restful API

Many off the shelf business products such as Xero, Salesforce, Sage, ERP and MRP systems provide REST API integration methods to allow system integration developers to access the data and functions held within the system, allowing you to leverage the system to fit your bespoke business needs.


SOAP stands for Simple Object Access Protocol. It’s another application programming interface that is provided predominantly by legacy systems. We understand that there are many reasons why you may want to continue to work with legacy systems and our experienced system integration engineers have the skills to work with them.

Email monitoring

You may not have thought about how email can be used as a system integration. We’ve developed systems that monitor inboxes and automate the processing of emails from one system to another, saving employees valuable time previously spent on manual tasks.

Folder monitoring

It’s common for businesses to use a specific folder structure on a shared drive. Our system integration engineers can help turn your established processes into an automated, time saving system.

Why is system integration important?

For businesses, system integration equates to several key benefits, which in turn demonstrate the importance of getting it right. Our system integration analysts will help in creating your systems integration plan, to ensure that you gain the greatest possible benefit of connecting two systems together.

Uncover the benefits of connecting your systems

Better data insights

Systems integration enables multiple data sources to be combined into a single real-time view. This instant access, combined with reporting and forecasting tools will enable your business to have unprecedented insight into the information that underpins your business.

Time & cost savings

By removing onerous manual processes caused by disconnected systems, an effective system integration can enable the redistribution of staff to more valuable areas of your business, often for a fraction of cost of their salary.

Business resilience

By relying on multiple systems from different providers, your business is always vulnerable to the weakest link. By integrating your systems, we can uncover opportunities to sync and back up your most valuable data, giving you peace of mind that your data is safe and secure.

Increased productivity

So much of our working days can be occupied by processes that have no direct relationship to fulfilling the task at hand. By removing barriers, you and your staff can focus on the job at hand, increasing productivity and morale.

Increased sales

Whether your business runs an online store or uses internal systems, the results are the same. Better availability of real time data, combined with more intuitive user flows allows you to give your customers a better experience and excellent customer service.

How system integration works at First Option Software

All of our projects are bespoke to your business’ exact requirements but this is how we approach a systems integration project to ensure the best results.

Gathering requirements

We’ll take the time to listen and understand your system integration needs from your perspective. When it comes to bespoke solutions, there’s more than one way to do anything, so it’s important that we approach your system integration from an angle that gives you the greatest benefit. From meetings to workshops, we’ll work with you to ensure we’ve covered everything to ensure we understand your needs.

System integration plan

With a strong understand of your needs and goals, we’ll set out a system integration plan and specification to set out how we are going to achieve them. Your plan will outline all of the systems that will be integrated and how this will be achieved. At this stage, we’ll be able to agree the commercials on which we carry out your system integration.

System integration architecture design

As part of our plan, we’ll map out the architecture of your current system. We’ll then design the architecture of your system with integrations in place. This will set out the detail of exactly how we’ll integrate your systems and will take into account any future plans you may have to ensure that your system integration is future-proof.

System integration development

Our system integration engineers will develop your integration in line with your agreed system integration architecture design. They’ll ensure that your systems are flawlessly connected and that your data flows seamlessly between them.

System integration testing

Our system integration testers will continually test the integration between your systems to ensure that your data flows as per your architecture design. With the provision of suitable test environments, we’ll give you the peace of mind and confidence that your systems are perfectly connected.

Maintaining your system integration

Our expert system integration engineers will continue to provide support for your systems as your business grows and technology advances. We can provide continued support and maintenance as well as advice to make sure that your solution is providing you the optimum performance and value.

Why choose First Option Software to integrate your systems?

We approach projects a little differently to most developers. From our offices in Alresford, Hampshire (UK), our system integration engineers have skills and knowledge across a wide range of systems. We’re driven by a love of learning and a genuine desire to find the best possible solution for the good of your business. It’s this mindset that means we’re willing to get our hands dirty with systems and technologies that other system integration developers may not.

We’ll take the time to understand your business needs and will offer an honest and pragmatic view of how to approach your systems integration project. We hope in approaching projects this way, we can foster good strong relationships based on trust. Are you ready to explore how we can help integrate your systems and take your business to the next level?

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