24th October 2012

The highly expected iPad mini launched yesterday blatantly contradicting Steve Job’s view from just a couple of years ago that anything smaller than 10” was too small for a tablet device.  I imagine that even Steve didn’t predict the sheer speed of revolution that the iPad would bring to the tablet market and the increase in threat of competition from Nexus, Kindle and Samsung has become just too big to ignore.  The market has been so fast moving that its unusual for a company not to have the benefit of the mists of time help cover up this type of faux pas.

With businesses flocking to tablets for all manner of scenarios and commuters enjoying watching movies on their way to work I think it’s clear there is a market to accommodate this smaller form size.  Some will definitely prefer the weight and size fitting more neatly in bags and businesses which don’t require such a large screen will like that it fits in a jacket pocket, not to mention the teenagers that become more able to afford the lower price point.

Whilst its not my size of choice – as I appreciate the almost full size keyboard the 10” size permits – maybe like Steve Jobs I need to be more open minded as to how the future might change me and my business.  However, the question this really raises is if smaller than 10” was never seen as needed, does bigger than 10” fit somewhere into the future?