What to do with a Raspberry Pi

So… I’ve had a Raspberry Pi for months now. I RPMCd it (XBMC media center for RPi), had a general play, then put it back in its box where it’s sat for the last few months. Then we had a new boiler installed which came with a nifty feature, a wireless thermostat.

So one day I decided to spend the morning playing with the GPIO pins on the RPi, plugging them into a breadboard, and using python to turn some LEDs on and off in an attempt to re-create the wireless thermostat, with the intention of replacing the somewhat clunky interface.

The wireless thermostat communicates on the 868MHz frequency so I have on order from RS a Smart Radio Transceiver Module, 868MHz that will hopefully allow me to listen into the current wireless thermostat communication traffic. Using this I will attempt to manually switch on and off our boiler from my RPi.

I also have on order a 12-bit Thermal Sensor, Serial, 8MSOP. This will give me a temperature reading in the location I have my RPi.
The plan is to integrate these two bits so that I can use my RPi as a wireless thermostat, then I can write software to control my heating as I want it. Like the ability to tweet a required temperature when I am out and about, the RPI then picks this up and sets the new thermostat temp. Or just improve the interface so I can turn on the heating for an hour at a time. Bearing in mind I have not done any electronics at all for 10 years, and even then it was a very brief bit at uni, I’m not sure how this is going to go but I I’m going to give it a go and see how I get on.

In the meantime I made a maths puzzle which asks me to add up two numbers, then gives me a few seconds to answer. If I enter the right answer it switches on a green LED, otherwise it switches on the red LED. I might post a video of this masterpiece of electronics!