Next up in our series of #FirstThing breakfast events is ‘Just Browsing?’ on Wednesday 16th July 8am-10am. We will be taking an in-depth (but not highbrow) look at Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and some browsers you may not have even heard of – the tools we use every day to access the World Wide Web. We will be checking out the history of browsers, why they came about, how they work and what they are really capable of (which is much more than you think!).#FirstThing at First Option - free breakfast eventWe will cover the meteoric rise of mobile browsing on phones and tablets, how to stay safe on the web and some top tips for configuring browsers to your own requirements.There will be hands on demonstrations and a chance to quiz the experts with your doubts, fears, technical queries and what the future might hold.And of course, there will be the usual sumptuous free breakfast of fruit, Danish pastries, coffee and tea, plus a chance to network.

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